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What have we been doing in Class 3?


We have been making a movie trailer, using the iMovie app on the ipads.

We each chose a genre and wrote a storyline for a movie.  We then filmed and directed the shots and video clips for our trailer, having cast our friends as the actors.  We then edited the video clips and photos, and used iMovie to complete our trailers.


We have been learning about the history of computers, with particular focus on the progress made at Bletchley Park during the second world war.

We have built our own enigma machines using the online Scratch coding software, and have used them to encrypt and decipher secret messages.

We spent a day at Bletchley Park, where we saw the huge Bombe machine that was built by Turing and Welchman to help crack the German enigma codes.  We took part in a code-breaking exercise, and each had a turn at using an original second world war German enigma machine.


Each of us has researched a World War I topic, and built a website around that topic.  We have published our websites on the World Wide Web.

Here are the links to a couple of our websites:




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