Miss DP and Mrs Slade are our class teachers. We also have weekly PE lessons from our Sports coach Mr Larking and German lessons from Mrs Shepherd. Some of children also have extra support from other adults when they need it during our class time.

We are the oldest in the school (years 5 and 6) and hold more responsibility throughout the school and within the classroom. We have several nominated prefects from both year groups who hold special privileges and responsibilities and often represent the school when we have visitors.

In our class we learn using mostly the enquiry approach in our “topic” based subjects such as Geography, History etc. This encourages us to answer questions using research and evidence presented to us. We still learn using traditional methods in English skills and Maths and have regular assessments to help inform us on our progress.

We are expected to complete weekly homework in our enquiry subjects and Maths. We also read daily and learn weekly spellings. We are rewarded for our good behaviour using our rewards system and enjoy treats to help encourage learning and responsibility.

Our Year 6 children also prepare for end of year SATS. We do this mostly through class based activities, but do have sometimes have extra homework and focused sessions in the Spring Term.

Year 5 and 6 also have our biennial trip to Wales to look forward to. We travel to the Brecon Beacons and stay at the Hampshire Mountain Centre for a week. It is a great opportunity to learn independence and try new skills. We have been canoeing, caving, hill walking, climbing and abseiling in the past and all the children have gained a huge amount of confidence in doing these activities. It is somewhat of a tradition here at Belchamp and we have been visiting Wales for many years.