Class Three

Mrs Shinn (Class Teacher) and Mrs Millgate (Teaching Assistant) make up the teaching team in Class 3.  Mrs Shinn works full time in the class and Mrs Millgate teaches German throughout the school as well as supporting children in Class 3, and leading Emotional First Aid for all pupils.

In Class 3 we are the oldest in the school (years 5 and 6) and hold more responsibility throughout the school and within the classroom.

In our class we learn using mostly the enquiry approach in our “topic” based subjects such as Geography, History etc.  This encourages us to answer questions using research and evidence presented to us.  We still learn using traditional methods in English skills and Maths and have regular assessments to help inform us on our progress.

We are rewarded for our good behaviour using our rewards sytem and enjoy treats to help encourage learning and responsibility.

Our Year 6 children also need to prepare for end of year SATS.  We do this mostly through class based activities, but do have some extra homework and focused sessions in the Spring Term.