Class Two

Mrs O’Connell (Class Teacher) and Mrs Jones (Teaching Assistant) make up the Class 2 team.  As parents ourselves, we are both loyal advocates of the school in which we work and we are committed to doing the very best for all the children in our care.

We believe that our class has a relaxed atmosphere in which children can develop at their own pace, away from the standardised testing which takes place in upper and lower year groups.  We work hard in this class to instil in the children a love of books and we place a lot of emphasis on developing those vital literacy skills by exploring the work of authors that we love, such as Roald Dahl and J K Rowling.

In this class, we try to help the children develop a sense of independence and give them responsibilities which they carry out on a daily basis.  These include everything from tidying, watering plants to looking after the class pets, Arthur and Oswald (the guinea pigs).  We have high expectations of the children but try to provide a gentle transition from Key Stage 1.

In order to encourage good behaviour we have a house points system.  Children are rewarded for their achievements, both academically and socially and for sport based activities.  Their houses give them a sense of belonging and help them to appreciate the importance of team work.  By the end of their time in Class 2 we hope they leave us as confident, capable individuals ready for the challenges of Class 3.