Class One

Class One consists of Year 1 and 2 children.  Class One’s teachers are Mrs Harding and Mrs Sharp, they are supported by two part time teaching assistants, Mrs Basham and Miss Wordley who are in class every morning.  We also have one full time teaching assistant, Mrs Murray.

Children in Class One still learn mainly through play based activities, which supports Year 1 children with their transition from Reception.  This is combined with more formal methods of learning to prepare Year 2 children for Year 3.

We follow the National Curriculum and administer Phonics Testing for Year 1 children in June and SATS tests for Year 2 children in May.  We support early literacy skills by rewarding children who read at home regularly as well as giving children individual spellings and words to learn.

In addition to the above children are lucky enough to have German lessons weekly and are taught swimming for half a term each year.  We enjoy learning a different topic every term or half term and try to link most of our history, art and design or a mixture of these subjects, dependent on the topic.

Class One love going on class trips, we use these support children’s understanding of their topic work, we try to ensure at least two trips per academic year.

Class One decide on their own class rules at the beginning of the school year and try to keep to them with the help of our school Christian Values of; Wisdom, Respect, Friendship and Hope.

Children have their own computer Dojo character and can earn points for being helpful, ready for action and trying hard.  Every week at Star of the Week is chosen for being kind and hard working, they are then allowed to take our Star Bear home for the week!