Home Learning

From day one of the first lockdown, we had our Learning Platform up and running ready to support children and families at home. All of our teaching staff contributed to the Platform daily uploading maths & literacy lessons along with a range of outdoor activities, science, geography, history, art, music, RE and DT projects for the children to enjoy.

Parents played a huge part in this by supporting their children with daily lessons. We take an inclusive approach to home learning where we think it supports children’s learning, and in discussion with parents we make every effort to ensure continuity in learning during periods of absences (in accordance with our attendance policy).

We work closely with parents to support children’s learning outside of school hours. Including, liaising with private tuition providers and regularly updating parents of what their child’s learning is going to be for the next half term. One of the ways we do this  is by sharing knowledge organisers for each subject and making sure that we build in challenging opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Using the knowledge organisers, parents can choose family-friendly ways to weave our subjects into outings, events, visits and conversations.

Some quotations from our parents:

‘Thank you so much for all your support, commitment, inspiration and momentous hard work!’

‘Nearly the end of week one and so far so good! The zoom meetings in the morning really help to focus my two ready for the day!’

‘I just wanted to send a message to say how brilliant home school is. The children are completing all work set every day, plus reading and enjoying it all. No fuss made. Daily zoom meeting really sets them up for the day, they follow all instructions for the day. What a hard job you have but you are doing brilliantly. Thank you for making home school fun!’

‘My daughter is thriving one to one and home learning. But misses seeing everyone. Thank you for what you do. I know how much work goes into to it all, we very much appreciate what you all do. Since joining Belchamp the difference is amazing and her happiness was paramount to see within the first day of her joining the school.’

‘Thank you so much. You are doing so well as a school to adapt and offer support to students, and parents, in these challenging times. The little tests that have been put on the Things to do list have been a great way to do quick tasks, so please keep adding those! I also loved the idea of the children still being able to do a times table test too, as discussed in Friday’s assembly. Thanks again for your support and encouragement.’