Reception Class

In reception class we learn through child-initiated play.  We follow our own interests with the support of our caring adults.  We learn through some adult led activities such as phonics and maths.  We also do PE, German, Music, RE and computing.  We do lots of outdoor learning and have opportunities to explore our nature area through a forest school approach.

Our teachers are Mrs Temple and Mrs Licence.  We use Tapestry; an online learning journey which parents are encouraged to  engage with and contribute to.  Each child is awarded “star of the week” once per term and this is used as an assessment focus the following week.  Star of the week children can take home one of our class mascots, Charlie the Chimp or Winston the Whale!  Parents are invited to meet with class teachers termly to discuss the progress and wellbeing of their child. We are encouraged to be kind, friendly, respectful children to mirror our school’s Christian Values.

Quotes from children saying how much they love Reception Class…….

“Because I like to play outside”   “I like dressing up and its good because everyone is my best friend in this class”  “We make dens and its really, really, really fun”
“I like reading lots of books”  “I like forest schools”  “I like playing on the monkey bars”  “I like being with my friends”  “I like numbers and learning maths.”